ABOUT don't buy rubbish

DON’T BUY RUBBISH, particularly food & drink that is packaged in plastic. In the sea, it harms aquatic & bird life & is toxic to us when we eat fish that are full of micro plastics. Only 2% of plastic is recycled. The rest is either burnt, giving off toxic fumes & killing the landscape & people local to the recycling plants, or sent to landfill, leaching toxins into our land. All plastics are catagorised from 1 to 7. They all leach toxins but the worst offenders are 3 6 & 7.  Plastic lasts for 450 years so we do not need to use it for single use product.

So we urge you:

  • Refuse to buy products packaged in plastic
  • Spend more money on products that will last.... that you can hand on to future generations
  • Reduce all your waste, but particularly your landfill waste, to as near zero as possible